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FFC Technical Paper Excellence Award Guidelines

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The FFC Technical Paper Excellence Award is open to anyone presenting forming and fabricating information at an SME-sponsored or co-sponsored event. Papers presented at SME events will be entered automatically. Papers presented at co-sponsored events, such as FABTECH, need to be submitted separately to SME by the author(s).

The FFC Technical Paper Excellence Award consists of: 

  • A plaque presented at the annual Forming & Fabricating Community's meet-and-greet held at FABTECH.
  • Picture on the community's website.
  • Name of author(s), picture(s) and a description of the paper on the award page.
Paper Requirements
  • Papers should be between 10-12 pages, exclusive of figures and tables.
  • PowerPoint presentations are not eligible.
  • Papers should exhibit innovation, uniqueness, feasibility, benefit and value to the forming and fabricating community. They should be technical in nature and free of commercialism.
  • Entries must be received annually by June 30.
Submission Guidelines
Paper submissions should be made electronically to Ellen Kehoe and must include the completed author reprint form . Each submitted paper will be considered for publication as an SME Technical Paper.