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The areas of manufacturing research and education are inherently linked through the Manufacturing Education & Research Community. This community focuses on educational aspects, including careers, educational opportunities, excellence in academic programs and professional credentialing, that specifically address the diverse needs of manufacturing enterprises. In the research area, the community includes both basic and applied research in areas of materials, manufacturing processes, including material forming and material removal and manufacturing systems.  

Our goal is to motivate, engage, enable and promote SME members through education, training, research, publishing, recognition and professional growth, thereby promoting the manufacturing engineering profession as a whole. To assist our members in achieving their goals, the MER Community provides information and activities related to manufacturing education and research, including the state of the art, resource materials, current trends and future needs.


Wells I've been a manufacturing engineer for 47 years and an SME member for the last 27. Half of my career has been spent working in factories; the other half in teaching manufacturing. At this point, I am teaching, and I rely on SME for up-to-date information to feed into my classes. The Manufacturing Education & Research Community is the best connection between industry perspectives and the campus that I have encountered. It is the best design yet for translating industry for academia and for interpreting the campus for industry. Both voices are absolutely vital for the future of manufacturing engineering – and manufacturing – in this country. ~ David Wells, PhD, North Dakota State University
Mott Since joining SME's Manufacturing Education & Research Community at its inception in 2004, I have benefited from numerous interactions with other SME members, while promoting the continuous improvement of manufacturing education in all its forms. The MER Community has been valuable to me as a faculty member at a university and in my work with community colleges across the country through the NSF-sponsored National Center for Manufacturing Education. The partnership between SME and NCME has been very fruitful for all concerned. ~ Robert L. Mott, PhD, University of Dayton
Conkol The Technical Community Network is the name we have given to the contributing members of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Nothing is as important to the Society as its members. The members are why the whole organization exists and is behind every action, conference, class and publication. If you are an active member of one of the current technical communities, then you know the worth of it. You communicate with other people who know what they are doing and what needs to improve. They each have a piece of the puzzle and so do you. By getting together we can leverage, no - DRIVE, the society toward a productive and mutually beneficial combination of developments and offerings that benefit every member worldwide. ~ Gary Conkol, Past Chair, Manufacturing Education & Research Community