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SME Chapters in the Philippines

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An (*) next to the name of the chapter listing indicates previous year information. For those chapters not showing a chapter chair or faculty advisor, please contact SME Membership at or 800.733.4763.


Manila Chapter 165
George L. Siy


Bulacan State University U207
(Sponsor: Manila Chapter 165)
Edward Castro
044.796.0928 (B) | Email

De La Salle University S200
Sponsor: Manila Chapter 165)
Oscar Unas, PhD
63.25219.094 | Email

Don Bosco Technical College S302
(Sponsor: Manila Chapter 165)
63.2.531.8081 (B)

Mapúa Institute of Technology S300
(Sponsor: Manila Chapter 165)
Rofuat Lu
632.247.5000 (B) | Email

University of the City of Manila S174
(Sponsor: Manila Chapter 165)
632.527.7941 (B)

University of the Philippines S322
(Sponsor: Manila Chapter 165)
Richard Chu
63.24269860 (B) | Email