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SME Chapters in Washington

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An (*) next to the name of the chapter listing indicates previous year information. For those chapters not showing a chapter chair, please contact SME Customer Care at or 800.733.4763.


Seattle Chapter 39
Angela Hasenbalg
360.420.4629 (B) | Email
 Platinum Seal
Spokane Chapter 248
Gabriel Achenbach
509.993.3317 (B) | Email 
Silver Medal



Central Washington University S368 
(Sponsor: Seattle Chapter 39)
Charles Pringle
509.963.2437 (B) | Email 

Eastern Washington University S202
(Sponsor: Spokane Chapter 248)
Martin Weiser, PhD
509.359.2815 (B) | Email

Edmonds Community College S357
(Sponsor: Seattle Chapter 39)
Ross J. Monroe
425.640.1944 (B) | Email

Olympic College S363
(Sponsor: Seattle Chapter 39)
Al Kitchens
360.475.7312 (B) | Email

University of Washington S175
(Sponsor: Seattle Chapter 39)
Brian Fabien, PhD
206.543.5090 (B) | Email

University of Washington Bothell S376
(Sponsor: Seattle Chapter 39)
Woon Jong Yoon, PhD
425.419.7718 (B) | Email

Washington State University Vancouver S333
(Sponsor: Portland Chapter 63)
Dave Kim, PhD
360.546.9081 (B) | Email

Western Washington University S125
(Sponsor: Seattle Chapter 39)
David Gill, PhD, PE
360.650.7931 (B) | Email