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SME Student Member Bridge Program

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SME's Student Member Bridge Program provides members an opportunity to give a "grad gift," which upgrades graduating student members into regular SME membership. Because SME helps to make engineers, companies and prospective professionals successful in their manufacturing careers, it is essential to our future and the future of manufacturing that student members transition to the professional grades of membership after they graduate. You can help with this transition.

Contribute to the program by making an open donation — specify a particular student member to receive a grad gift or a student chapter from which a student belongs to be selected for a gift. Your non-tax-deductible grad gift contribution ($45 per graduating student member) will:

  • Provide SME resources for recent graduates to upgrade their memberships into neighboring senior chapters 
  • Help introduce new professionals to resources and technical information needed in today's lean manufacturing workforce  
  • Retain active young members and support the strength of your local chapter, while demonstrating your commitment to the future of your Society

To contribute, click here . Your much-needed contribution will make a positive impact on SME student member retention and the professional development of our future manufacturing workforce.