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Submission Guidelines for Member News

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SME encourages you, as an SME member, to prepare member-related content for posting as news items on SME Connect and for dissemination in the weekly member newsletter. Submissions should be 500 words or less and outline the activities currently taking place in your chapter, community or SME leadership group (please include contact information in case there are any questions). High-quality color photographs can be included as well (in PNG, JPEG or GIF format).

Vocabulary and style should be simple, with word choices found in "Webster's Dictionary." If you find it necessary to use words that may be unfamiliar to the reader, explain them parenthetically in simple terms.

You can present material several ways: an update on a recent chapter meeting, an announcement on the formation of a new tech group or spotlight the involvement of an active volunteer — any type of involvement or activity that showcases member activities or involvement is welcome. Other examples of requested material include: best practices (what makes your group successful), student competitions, workforce development efforts, new technologies and "cool jobs" or other items you believe should be highlighted to other members. SME also wants to hear about your successes — awards you may have received, a recent promotion, a news article you may have been featured in, etc.

All submissions should be emailed to