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Roles & Responsibilities: Student Chapter Officers

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  • Recruits members to your chapter to expand your size and influence
  • Retains members by encouraging and promoting their involvement, and reminding them when their membership is up for renewal.
  • Develops and schedules chapter events and programs (no fewer than four meetings or technical tours per year).
  • Communicates regularly with SME members through chapter meetings and through your chapter's print and electronic communications vehicles.
  • Provides training to chapter officials and representatives.
  • Presides overall official chapter functions according to the SME Governance Document
  • Ensures that all chapter officials can handle their responsibilities, and all required documents are completed and submitted on schedule.
  • Communicates often with Faculty Advisor, SME member relations managers and SME membership consultants, sharing ideas and generating solutions to problems.


  • Engages members by promoting SME chapter meetings and programs regularly, including certifications, events and leadership opportunities.
  • Coordinates the chapter's strategic planning efforts, helping guide the chapter through its short-term and long-term goals.
  • Oversees membership recruitment and retention endeavors.
  • In the absence of the chair, carries out the responsibilities of the chair until the chair returns to duty. These duties include, but are not limited to:
    • Participating in, and leading, meetings the chair is unable to attend.
    • Counseling and advising chapter administrative committees.
    • Ensuring that all chapter officials are meeting their responsibilities and all required documents are completed and submitted on schedule.


  • Creates and distributes meeting notices to all chapter members.
  • Works with the chair and a designated team, if necessary, to generate agendas for each chapter or executive committee meeting.
  • Works with SME Headquarters to ensure timely notice of all chapter meetings in the master calendar.
  • Transcribes notes of all chapter meetings and compiles minutes in finished form within 30 days, or before the next meeting, if sooner; faxes or e-mails copies to the chair for review and approval before distribution.
  • Ensures the distribution of the minutes to all board members.
  • Orders supplies for the chapter, as needed (office supplies, SME products, etc.).
  • Acts as the custodian for the chapter's charter, bylaws, other legal documents and all of its historical records.
  • Notifies officers and committee members of their appointments, as needed.
  • Endorses all formal written reports.
  • Updates and maintains these documents whenever deemed necessary.
  • Makes important documents available at all executive committee meetings (committee lists, SME governance documents, minutes of recent meetings).
  • Confirms attendance information and ensure a quorum during meetings where official business is conducted.


  • Participates in discussion and action on all chapter business that involves financial transactions or affects the chapter's financial position.
  • Assesses the financial implications of actions proposed by the chapter executive committee.
  • Anticipates financial problems requiring the attention of the chapter executive committee and raised such issues as needed.
  • Receives, holds and safeguards all chapter and/or SME funds.
  • Disburses such funds only to conduct approved chapter business, unless SME's Board of Directors directs otherwise.
  • Prepares monthly financial reports for presentation to the executive committee and membership.
  • Records all transactions and reconciles all bank statements.
  • Prepares budgets.
  • Completes and submits an annual financial report to the chapter's membership consultant and to SME Headquarters.

Bulletin Editor

  • Prepares (with input from other officers) an annual plan for the chapter bulletin, including editorial/column responsibilities, deadlines, advertising and budget.
  • Solicits, receives, organizes and edits articles.
  • Lays out newsletter.
  • Coordinates the print process and/or electronic distribution and/or posting of bulletin on chapter website. If your chapter does not yet have its own website, contact SME Membership for help creating one.
  • Ensures timely mailing and distribution of the bulletin (at least two weeks prior to monthly chapter programs).
  • Coordinates the sale and placement of advertising to generate additional income for the chapter and to finance the bulletin's publication.
  • Trains the next bulletin editor, sharing all records, processes and information to ensure a smooth transition to the next leadership team.