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 Innovations that Could Change the Way You Manufacture

Nomination Deadline: September 30, 2013

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Effectively communicating the value of your innovation will dramatically stimulate interest and drive further engagement with those who may benefit from application of your technology. Following are key elements, which, if addressed well, can drive pursuit and ultimately adoption of your innovation.

Describe the top-line benefit(s) of your technology, novelty and why it is better than other solutions. Focus should be on the benefits, not the features.


Describe the innovation and, in very simplistic terms, how your innovation works. There is no need to share confidential information. Goal is to help the potential user appreciate the magic delivering the benefits.


Describe who will benefit from the innovation and share evidence there is truly a need for the innovation. Describe why the technology is a strategic fit. Tell how it delivers competitive advantage. Share the size of the market.


Describe the breadth of applications you envision for your technology. Describe the capital investment required.


Describe any potential challenges that could arise in application of your innovation, and how you envision one may address them. This makes the risks transparent and that knowledge increases confidence to move forward. Please also indicate stage of development.



References & Resources
Has the innovation been patented or is it in the process of being patented? If yes, please provide any relevant patent number.

A technical contact name, company or group (i.e., who is developing or has developed this innovation) may be contacted for additional information. Please list the referral resource, address and phone number:


Who is using this innovation? Please provide company and contact names.


Have any papers or articles been published on the technology? Please provide paper/article name, author and publisher.

Nomination Deadline: September 30, 2013