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Book and Video Proposal Form

Thank you for your interest in SME Book and Video Publishing. Tell us more about your work that you’re interested in having SME publish.

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1. Please describe the subject you are interested in having published. Describe the problems, pains, and demands experienced by the market and how your book/video will address these. Be as specific as possible. *

2. What are some titles/authors of books/videos with comparable subject matter currently published? How will your subject differ? *

3. What job functions, job titles, and/or industries does your subject serve? Who will buy this book/video? *

4. What are the key advantages and features of your subject? What makes your subject a unique, salable, and marketable
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5. Do you have a sample chapter, outline, or script available? *

We highly recommend sending a sample chapter, outline, or script with your proposal. Please email to

6. What is the projected length of your book/video (pages/minutes)? *

7. How many illustrations do you estimate being included? In what format(s) will these be prepared? *

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10. Please provide a suggested list of reviewers with complete contact information (name, job title, company, address, phone, and email). Reviewers should be authorities in the field for the subject matter of your proposal. *

11. Please include a brief bio about yourself. *

12. Please include any additional information that may help in the decision-making process of your proposal.