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2012 Design for Direct Digital Manufacturing Competition Winners

Sponsored by the Direct Digital Manufacturing Tech Group of RTAM/SME  

First Place
1st Place 2012 DDM Competition

Camera Cap and SD Card Holder 
Matthew Mueller, University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky 

Synopsis: A camera cap and SD card lens holder was designed and manufactured using direct digital manufacturing (DDM) to be used in the final assembly of a camera. The problem this part addressed is that it provided a place to securely store a camera lens and/or extra SD card when using a camera. Cameras manufactured today do not provide any way to safely store a camera cap, which leads to photographers often misplacing or damaging their camera cap. Currently, there are not any camera cap holders or SD card holders included as a part of a camera’s final assembly. There are a couple camera cap holders being manufactured and sold and sold as aftermarket accessories, but none that have to capability to hold an SD card.

Second Place

2nd Place 2012 DDM Competition

Multi-Feature Cell Phone Case 
Evan Adams and Tori Dewees, University of Louisiville, Louisville, Kentucky 

Synopsis: This multifeature cell phone case integrates a storage compartment and kickstand into a protective cell phone case, which the customer can personalize with their choice of graphic. This design is made in a single piece using Direct 3D Printing. No post-assembly is required by the manufacturer. In addition, the customer has no assembly besides simply snapping their phone into place.

Third Place
3rd Place 2012 DDM Competition

Innovating Sound Suppressing Devices with DDM Technology 
Sumter Pittenger and Stephen Byrd, University of Lousiville, Louisville, Kentucky

Synopsis: Using DDM to improve and create firearm suppressors has several benefits to customers and users of the devices. Firearms are readily capable of causing hearing damage and loss. This threat is magnified on indoor ranges and when shooting in close proximity or in high volume with limited hearing protection. This technology has civil applications, such as for reducing the threat of firearm noise on the health of enthusiasts and recreational shooters. Perhaps more impactful, this technology can be used to reduce the permanent ear damage, which can occur in the military.

High Schools

First Place

1st Place 2012 DDM Competition HS

Next Generation Tail Light Ian Veenstra, Austin Stiers and Dirk Homewood, Cedar Falls High School, Cedar Falls, Iowa

Synopsis: The Next Generation Tail Light is a redesign of the modern tail light design used every day by millions of people worldwide. However, there are some pretty substantial problems with the design used today. The primary function of a tail light is to convey the intentions of the driver to other drivers on the road. When the light is on, the driver is braking; when it's off, the driver is not braking. 

Second Place

2nd Place 2012 DDM Competition HS

Safe Shovel 
Jacob Gubbrud, Cedar Falls High School, Cedar Falls, Iowa

Synopsis: The goal of this shovel design was to create a system similar to a clickable pen in that when you hit something, the bars would lock in place instead of coming back to hit you. You would be able to unlock the bars and continue shoveling. The design would benefit the product in many ways. One being that it is big enough to do a quick manual shoveling job. It also is not too big, so it's easily storable.

The Task

For 2012, student designers were to use their imagination to design a product that mainly utilizes DDM processes. The product must be able to be used in another assembly.

The designed products were to be a device, mechanism, assembly or a subassembly representing part of another product. The resultant design should represent a fully working prototype. Any internal electronics or mechanics must be specified within the design. The geometry of the design must be defined within a three-dimensional (3D), computer-aided design (CAD) system capable of producing robust STL files.

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