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30 Under 30: Jandre TerreBlanche

Jandre TerreBlanche

Age: 26
SigmaTEK Systems LLC
Cincinnati, OH
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Jandre TerreBlanche is the second generation in SigmaTEK Systems LLC, a company started by his father, which is a leading provider of CAD/CAM nesting software for laser, plasma, waterjet, oxyfuel and router cutting along with punching, and bending machines.

Jandre worked summers and part time while in college and earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree with an emphasis on internal combustion engines, rocket and gas turbine propulsion, and computational fluid dynamics. Jandre acted as group leader of the engine team in the senior design project, which involved modifying a naturally aspirated motorcycle engine with a carburetor to a fuel-injected, turbocharged system tuned to run on E-85 for Formula SAE. The program included the use of SolidWorks software, 3D Printing, and rapid prototyping, among other tools. Jandre continues to see learning as vital to his long-term objectives and has earned certification as a SolidWorks Associate.

“We went from a machine that was somewhat primitive in its design and capabilities to a state-of-the-art machine. The retrofitting that we did, designing components, and tuning were extremely interesting to me. I loved the result and the improvements that we were able to achieve by applying a little technology and producing an engine that was twice as powerful,” said Jandre.

Jandre has risen through the ranks from Applications Engineer to his current position as Technical Support Manager. Along the way, he accumulated hands-on experience working internationally and domestically with manufacturers and cutting machine and software OEMs to identify manufacturing productivity issues and create productivity improvement solutions. This includes the formation and transfer of knowledge for best practices and implementation of technology as it relates to CAD/CAM nesting along with automation and productivity improvement.

Jandre cut his teeth on providing technical support and customer service for SigmaNEST software, demonstrating how the nesting software could provide quality cutting results from a variety of materials and providing techniques to improve customers’ efficiency with software or processes through material yield, decreased cutting time, increased programming efficiency and ability. Today, his responsibilities are to manage and build a team of application engineers, develop workflow and standardized procedures to improve department efficiency and customer experience, and maintain a high level relationship with customers on a technical level.

His Senior Project piqued Jandre’s interest in the design of electronics and mechanics behind modern machines and the programming required for them. “Human intervention on the scale of precision that is required for modern manufacturing is becoming a little obsolete. Basically, aren’t we headed toward machines building machines? Who’s going to be responsible for the programming?” Jandre wonders.

And that is the challenge that Jandre recognizes for the programming and software supplied by SigmaTEK, which serves companies in industries including industrial and agriculture, ship and boat building, transportation, aerospace, job shop, and the military. "Some customers include major construction equipment companies, as well as Newport News Ship Yards where SigmaNEST software is used to cut 100% of the plate steel for the Navy’s newest and most advanced aircraft carrier."

Jandre is married with a two-month old son, Ben TerreBlanche, named after his grandfather. ME

Published Date : 7/1/2013

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