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30 Under 30: Ryan Stephenson

Ryan Stephenson






 Age: 24
Northwire Inc.
Osceola, WI
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A dual major in college at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, Ryan Stephenson first got hooked on engineering after taking some drafting classes very early in his high school years at Antigo High School in central Wisconsin. Ryan started working with AutoCAD shortly afterward and later became proficient using SolidWorks CAD software.

“I was always really good at math and the sciences, and after I took some drafting classes in high school, it got me interested in using all that software,” Ryan recalled.

Ryan was hired right out of college by Northwire Inc. (Osceola, WI), a designer and maker of cabling and wire products. Ryan’s BSET degree (Bachelor of Science, Engineering Technology) was a dual major in mechanical engineering and polymer engineering, which made him an attractive candidate, according to Northwire Senior Vice President, Operations and Engineering, Harold J. Nevin, Jr., who nominated Ryan for 30 Under 30.

“Ryan had a short training period and then started working in design of new products doing research on new materials applicable to those products,” Nevin wrote. “When the department head left the company, he had to take over many of the duties and responsibilities that were critical to new product development. He did this with enthusiasm and has exceeded our expectations in the new designs and materials he has developed.”

His primary job is continuous improvement of the company’s extrusion processes, Ryan noted. “There’s always trying to make the process better with making our extrusion tooling better. We’re trying to get more into assembly work, which is more than just wire and cable.”

“Ryan is a hands-on engineer who has been instrumental in working with the shop employees and process engineering to develop many of the new processes and improve on old ones,” Nevin added. “Ryan has been instrumental in designing an important test fixture that is temperature, climate and speed controlled. This fixture has been an important part of our fulfilling the requirements for a major military contract. The fixture is over 35' long by 2' wide and can accelerate the items under test at 10 feet per second in temperatures from -65º F to 158º F. He designed this with general guidance and has kept the project on track.”

Ryan currently is working on his masters of science degree in manufacturing engineering and he hopes to complete his studies by December 2014.

“Ryan has a cool head when dealing with our customers and the demands of his job,” Nevin said. “He never gets shaken or stressed and works well with the other team members on the shop floor and in engineering. Ryan is a joy to work with and is deserving of being recognized for the hard work that he does and the maturity that he displays. I know that the future of engineering is in good hands when we have young personnel like Ryan working at Northwire Inc.” ME

Published Date : 7/1/2013

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