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30 Under 30: Lotheronie Raby

 Lotheronie Raby






Age: 28
Dow Chemical Co.
Houston, TX
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In 2008 Dow Chemical named Lotheronie Raby—then 23 years old, and a full-time employee for under two years—to the role of Global Technical Resource Leader for Heat Exchangers. In this role she leads a network of global experts who provide reviews of complex designs, troubleshoot operations failures, and maintain company standards for design and fabrication. Dow’s David Kafer, who recommended Lotheronie for 30 Under 30 recognition, points out that “to gain the confidence and trust of a global network comprised of members who all have 15-plus years of experience is quite an accomplishment.”

Lotheronie joined Dow full time in 2006 as a Static Equipment Engineer after graduating from Southern University and A&M College (Baton Rouge, LA). Initially she worked under the direction of a Lead Engineer providing engineering support for several large projects globally including the opportunity to design high alloy equipment and the largest Ethylene Oxide reactor in the world. From 2010–2012 Lotheronie was also a Lead Static Equipment Engineer for several large projects including a $130,000,000 project in the US and a six-month assignment for a project in China.

“My work is interesting because every project has a different scope with its own priorities and challenges,” Lotheronie said. “I am a Discipline Lead for Process Containment Equipment as well as an SME for Heat Exchangers—so each day I work with people both locally and globally to reach various end goals. The people are everything,” she continued: “My mentors, leaders, teams, and everyone else in between are the ones that keep me smiling and motivated every day.”

Lotheronie credits advice she got in high school for bringing her into the world of manufacturing. “Early on in high school, my guidance counselor recommended engineering to me with the promise that it would cater to my love of math and science,” Lotheronie remembers. “She was amazing at helping me define my path to college and coordinating scholarship opportunities. I ended up in manufacturing with Dow because Dow partnered up with my college to sponsor me for a full scholarship with pre-arranged internships.”

In addition to her technical and project leadership, Lotheronie has also been active in recruiting new employees and in public affairs activities through Dow’s Promise Advisory Council. “Manufacturing may not be everyone’s first thought when reviewing all career options available, but this field holds a wide array of promise and opportunities,” she noted. “Depending on what one’s strengths and likes are, one could choose between design engineering, procurement, supply chain, process design, production, project management—the list is endless. Dow is a wonderful place to work for that very reason.”

Lotheronie doesn’t have a specific future job title she longs for because, she said, “I was raised to know NO limits! However,” she continued, “I do aim to be a leader within my industry and company. At the very least, I aspire to be a technically sound leader constantly working to pave my way forward—while not forgetting to mentor and support others as I have been supported.” ME

Published Date : 7/1/2013

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