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Fundamentals of Manufacturing Pkg for CMfgE and CMfgT

Fundamentals of Manufacturing Pkg for CMfgE and CMfgT

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This packaged is comprised of the Fundamentals of Manufacturing, Third Edition and the Fundamentals of Manufacturing Workbook.

Fundamentals of Manufacturing, Third Edition provides a structured review of the fundamentals of manufacturing for individuals planning to take the Certified Manufacturing Technologist (CMfgT) or Certified Manufacturing Engineer (CMfgE) exams. This book has been updated according to the most recent Body of Knowledge published by the Certified Manufacturing Technologist and Certified Manufacturing Engineer Oversight & Appeals Committee of SME. While the objective of this book is to prepare for the certification process, it is a primary source of information for individuals interested in learning fundamental manufacturing concepts and practices. This book is a valuable resource for anyone with limited manufacturing experience or training. Review questions, reference charts, and a selection of over 40 SME video clips (three hours of online video content) is included.

The workbook is an essential study tool, helping to determine where further work is needed. It contains 200 questions and solutions weighted according to the CMfgT body of knowledge. Questions address mathematical fundamentals, physics and engineering sciences, materials, product design, manufacturing processes, production systems, automated systems and control, quality, manufacturing management, and personal/professional effectiveness. References are provided to guide further study.

Instructor slides are available to compliment course instruction.Fundamentals of Manufacturing is also available in ebook format. Individual ebook chapters available via hyperlinks below.