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Putting It All Together: An Update on Manufacturing Education Initiatives

Author(s)/Editor(s): Robert L Mott, LSME, PE, Ronald J Bennett, PhD, Mark J Stratton

Pages in Print Edition: 21PP

Published: 06/01/2013
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This presentation updates the roles of the SME Center for Education and the SME Manufacturing Education & Research (MER) Technical Community in current efforts to emphasize the importance of manufacturing and a well-educated workforce. The central role of the “Four Pillars of Manufacturing Knowledge” model is described. Steps are recommended for a unified SME approach in support of manufacturing education.

The areas of manufacturing research and education are inherently linked through MER. This community focuses on educational aspects that specifically address the diverse needs of manufacturing enterprises. In the research area, the community promotes both basic and applied research in areas of materials, manufacturing processes, including material forming and material removal, and manufacturing systems. To assist members in achieving their goals, the MER Community provides information and activities related to manufacturing education and research, including the state of the art, resource materials, current trends, and future needs. Find more information at

Presented at: SME Annual Conference, June 2–4, 2013, Baltimore, MD.