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Sheet Metal Stamping Presses DVD

Sheet Metal Stamping Presses DVD

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Video Length: 30 minutes

Published: 05/01/2013
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Stamping presses transform sheet metal into functional products by applying the force of a moving ram to tooling located within the press. Stamping’s primary advantage is the ability to transform two-dimensional sheet metal stock into three-dimensional finished components at a relatively high rate of speed with minimum operator intervention.

This Sheet Metal Stamping Presses program provides a broad understanding of stamping presses, and includes segments on: mechanical presses, hydraulic presses, press controls, and press feeding.

The Mechanical Presses segment outlines the advantages/disadvantages and similarities/differences between the two most common types of presses - the gap-frame press and the straightside press. Defined and detailed are the various press components, including: the crown, columns, gibs, bed , bolster, flywheel, gears, clutch, crankshaft, pitman, connection, slide/ram, counterbalance, and brake. Drive arrangements, such as direct drive, single gear reduction, double gear reduction, and eccentric geared presses are also illustrated.

The Hydraulic Presses segment explains the major differences between hydraulic presses and mechanical presses, highlighting the advantages of hydraulic systems and press selection factors.

The Press Controls segment features the range of controls - electro-mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electronic, and others used to safely control press operations. Computer numerical control or ‘CNC’ systems, programmable logic controllers or ‘PLC's’, and self-checking/diagnostic features, are also detailed.

The Press Feeding segment covers coil stock and blank feeding methods, as well as coil line components. These components include: payoff reels, cradles, stock straightening/leveling, slide feeds, roll feeds, gripper feeds, and scrap processing.