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Sheet Metal Stamping Dies and Processes

Sheet Metal Stamping Dies and Processes

Video Length: 25 minutes

Published: 05/01/2013
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Stamping dies are the tools that shape and cut sheet metal parts. Stamping dies are commonly developed using computer-aided design, or CAD, software and analytical programs to create and prove-out highly accurate, unambiguous designs. These designs are then translated into stamping dies by skilled craftsmen, known as diemakers. Once these stamping dies are mounted into presses, sheet metal is fed to them to produce parts.

To better understand how stamping dies operate, this Sheet Metal Stamping Dies & Processes program explores sheet metal deformation and formability, and features segments on dies and die functions, die lubrication, and stamping analysis.

The Dies and Die Functions segment looks at cutting die operations and forming die operations. The cutting die operations include: shearing, blanking, punching, and trimming, and the forming die operations include: drawing, bending, flanging, and hemming. Single- and multiple-station dies are also examined, including: compound dies, combination dies, progressive dies, and transfer dies.

The Die Lubrication segment details the various types of lubricants used in stamping operations, as well as the common application methods, such as: manual application, drip, roller, spraying, and flooding.

The Stamping Analysis segment focuses on the use of computer software programs to create stamping designs that can be manufactured with certainty, while minimizing the lengthy process of die making. The use of circle grid analysis, CGA, to fine tune these die designs is also highlighted.