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Multi-Material Fabrication of Tissue Engineering Scaffold

Author(s)/Editor(s): Dr Jingyan Dong, Mr Chuang Wei, PhD, Cai Lei, Shanfeng Wang

Pages in Print Edition: 9PP

Published: 06/04/2012
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Three-dimensional (3D) porous structures are critical to tissue engineering applications in terms of biocompatibility, mechanical integrity and degradation rate. A multi-nozzle-based versatile deposition approach is presented to flexibly fabricate distinct polymeric biomaterials such as thermoplastic and photo-crosslinkable polymers and integration different biomaterials into single one scaffold structure. The setup of the deposition system is for fabrication of the scaffolds with different types of biomaterials in one layer and in different layers. Specifically developed is a layer molding approach for fabrication of crosslinkable polymers, which traditionally can only be fabricated by stereolithography. The approach is capable of multiple materials scaffold fabrication, in which a sacrificial thermoplastic supporting material (paraffin wax with modifier) is deposited. Then the photo-crosslinkable polymers are cured by UV light. The supporting materials can be removed to produce a porous scaffold without damage the integrity of the function materials. Published in the Proceedings of NAMRI/SME, Vol. 40, 2012.