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Biological Evidences of Benefits for Additive Manufacturing Porous Titanium Foams

Author(s)/Editor(s): Mr Emanuele Magalini, Mr Pierfrancesco Robotti, Ms Eleanora Preve, Dr Stefan Stuebinger, Dr Brigitte von Rechenberg, Dr Stephen Ferguson, Dr P Buma, Dr J Elizabeth Biemond

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Published: 05/22/2012
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~ 2012 RTAM/SME Dick Aubin Distinguished Paper Award ~

Additive manufacturing (AM) enables the delivery of intricate geometrical components already completed with designed foam surface topography in one manufacturing step. One of the most appreciated features enabled by AM of titanium is the design and production of orthopedic components with a surface structure suitable to promote bone colonization and in-growth, which improves device fixation strength. Excellent biological performance was realized, as verified through in vitro and animal testing.

Presented at: Rapid 2012 and 3D Imaging Conferences & Exposition, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, May 22-25, 2012, Atlanta, Georgia.