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What About Rewards for the Ideas?

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Published: 06/01/2004
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Whenever managers start to think about how to promote ideasthe question of rewards comes up. The most common reward schemes - percentage rewards based on the value of each idea - substantially increase the cost, time and effort needed to evaluate ideas, and create a host of unanticipated disincentives for people to offer ideas. This What About Rewards? program discusses what motivates people to offer ideas, and what types of recognition and rewards work.

This program is part of an 8 program series based on the book “Ideas Are Free”, and will show you how to unlock the tremendous potential in your lean initiative by tapping into the ideas of your front-line employees.

Authors and presenters, Dr. Alan Robinson and Dr. Dean Schroeder studied more than 150 organizations in 17 countries to discover what worked, what didn’t, and why when it comes to promoting ideas.