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Structural DNA

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Video Length: 30 minutes

Published: 02/01/2009
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Part of the award-winning Manufacturing Insights video seriesthis program begins by highlighting the four stages of nanotechnology:

  • static nanostructures
  • active nanodevices
  • nanomachines and simple nanosystems
  • productive nanosystems

This foundation provides the context to explore the four primary approaches to building productive nanosystems. Two are top-down approaches:

  • Diamondoid Mechanosynthesis
  • Patterned Atomic Layer Epitaxy

Two are bottom-up approaches:

  • Bis-peptide Synthesis
  • Structural DNA

Take an inside-look at the research being doe at Nanorex, Inc. inandnbsp;Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and Duke University inandnbsp;Durham, North Carolina. Discover how these researchers are harnessing the structural and informational components of DNA to develop methods of altering molecules under programmable control to generate self-replicating productive nanosystems.