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High-Speed Machining

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Video Length: 36 minutes

Published: 01/01/2007
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High-speed machining (HSM) has steadily been gaining in acceptance with manufacturers. This is due in large part to the technological advances that encompass the high speed machining centerstooling, programming and software. By integrating these various system components, manufacturers are using HSM to reduce their cycle times, increase throughput, shorten machining time, and minimize non-machining time while yielding high precision parts having a favorable cost/performance ratio.

Part of the award-winning Manufacturing Insights Video Series, this program features four companies that have successfully implemented and applied high-speed machining systems including:

  • Trutron Corporation, whose use of high speed machining substantially reduced the number of operations needed to machine their EDM electrodes and precision heat treated parts.
  • Protomatic Incorporated, a high-quality prototype and short-run production machining company who relied on two outside vendors during their transition to high speed machining to overcome some initial coolant and tool vibration issues.
  • Gosiger 3D, an applications engineering company working with its customers to replace time and cost intensive manufacturing processes entirely with both hardmilling and high speed machining systems. Softwares using trochoidal interpolation for tool path creation are also highlighted.
  • Metlfab Incorporated, a prototyping company that boasts a turn around time of eight-hours on some prototypes due to their use of high-speed machining.