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Introduction to Lean Tooling

Author(s)/Editor(s): Don Tapping, Thomas A Fabrizio
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Video Length: 18 minutes

Published: 06/01/2003
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Part of the award-winning Manufacturing Insights video series, this program examines how manufacturing companies are using lean tooling as an integral part of lean manufacturing to immediately cut costs, drastically reduce production lead time, and ensure quality.

This program will help you organize your tooling so you can find every tool you need in less than 30 seconds. It will help you get tooling ready faster so that setup time is minimized. It will help you be able to rely on your tools for precision, so inspection time can be eliminated. The program will also show you ways of reducing administrative tooling costs by demonstrating kanban systems for keeping track of tooling inventory.

This video is designed to be used in conjunction with the Lean Tooling in Action video, which presents examples of lean tooling at four different companies.