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Plating and Surface Coatings

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Video Length: 30 minutes

Published: 07/15/2006
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Plating and surface coating processes are used throughout manufacturing to provide protectiondurability and decoration to parts. Part of the Fundamentals of Manufacturing Processes Video Series, this program explains and highlights the use of electroplating, electroless plating, conversion coating, hot dipping, and porcelain enameling.

The electroplating segment details how electroplating works, the metals used for electroplating, electrolytic solutions types, and the various methods of electroplatingandnbsp;which includeandnbsp;barrel plating, rack plating, and reel-to-reel plating.

The electroless plating segment highlights electroless plating solutions, deposited metals, and the advantages and disadvantages of the electroless process.

The conversion coating segment features various conversion coating processesandnbsp;including chemical conversion coatings, phosphate conversion coatings, chromate conversion coatings, oxide conversion coatings, and anodizing.

The hot dipping segment explores the two primary methods of hot dipping:andnbsp; batch galvanizing and continuous galvanizing.

The porcelain enameling segment examines parts cleaning, porcelain enameling application methods, and the firing of porcelain enamel parts.