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Die Casting

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Video Length: 23 minutes

Published: 06/01/1999
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Die casting is a high precisionrapid parts-production process involving the high pressure injection of molten metal into a die having a cavity of the desired part shape.andnbsp;Part of the Fundamental Manufacturing Processesandnbsp;Video Series, thisandnbsp;program explores the common die cast metals and their various properties, as well as die casting machines and die cast tooling.

The die casting machines segment covers in detail both the hot-chamber and the cold-chamber machine types. Also discussed is the importance of lubrication in die casting, clamping systems, the use of accumulators and pressure intensifiers, and machine controls and automation.

The die cast tooling segment examines the various die production materials and techniques. In addition, terms such as cover die, ejector die, fixed cores, movable cores core pulls, venting, die cooling, and draft angles are clearly defined.