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A Rapid Manufacturing Process for High Performance Precision Metal Parts

Author(s)/Editor(s): Fue-Wen Liou PhD, Mary E Kinsella PhD

Pages in Print Edition: 12PP

Published: 06/17/2009
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This paper summarizes the current research and development of a hybrid manufacturing process to produce 100% dense metal parts with prescribed precision. High-performance metals, such as titanium alloys, nickel superalloys, tool steel, stainless steels, and so on, can benefit from this process. Coupling additive and subtractive processes into a single workstation, the hybrid process can produce metal parts with accuracy. The surface quality of the final product is similar to industrial milling. Therefore, the hybrid process is potentially a very competitive process for fabrication and repair of fully dense metallic parts with precision requirements and will certainly impact the rapid manufacturing industry in the future. To achieve such a system, issues including understanding the direct laser deposition process and the automated process planning of the hybrid manufacturing process are presented.

Presented at: RAPID 2009 CONFERENCE & EXPOSITION, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, May 12-14, 2009, Schaumburg, IL.