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Nano Composite Deposition (NCDS): Application to Biomedical Materials

Author(s)/Editor(s): Won-Shik Chu, Hyung-Jung Kim, Sung-Geun Kim, Sung-Hoon Ahn

Pages in Print Edition: 37PP

Published: 06/11/2007
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Rapid prototyping (RP) technology has advanced in various application areas such as verification of design and functional test. Recently, a number of researchers have applied biomaterials to fabricate functional bio RP parts. In this research, a nano-composite deposition system (NCDS) was developed and appliced to fabricate three-dimensional functional composite parts. NCDS uses biocompatible or biodegradable polymer resins as matrix and various bioceramics to form biocomposite materials. The fabrication process of NCDS adopts a hybrid system in which material removal process by mechanical micromachining and the deposition process of typical RP are combined. Authors: W.S. Chu, H.J. Kim, S.G. Kim, S.H. Ahn (Seoul National University)