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Managing Lean Manufacturing

Author(s)/Editor(s): David L Csokasy PhD, Paul D Parent

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Published: 03/15/2007
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Is there a difference between managing in a traditional manufacturing environment as opposed to managing in a lean manufacturing organization? The best answer is yes and no. YES because the same solid manufacturing management principles practiced in a successful lean shop should be the ones used to maximize success in a traditional shop, and NO, because managers and leaders in traditional shops do not always practice good management techniques. Unfortunately, even shops that have attempted to implement lean have paid less attention to their management skills and their organizational culture than they have to the technical aspects of lean. While this article will focus on identifying and developing lean management techniques, the content is just as applicable to manufacturing organizations that prefer to operate in a more traditional manner. Authors: D.L. Csokasy (The DJC Group) and P.D. Parent (ProSol LLC)