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Critical Training Requirements for Lean Manufacturing

Author(s)/Editor(s): S Arunachalam, Dr Tom Page, Maki Ichimura

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Published: 03/21/2007
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The aim of this research paper is to provide a new model to carry out an effective workforce training in a lean manufacturing environment, which will benefit manufacturing companies. To identify the problems that the British manufacturing companies are facing with training, a survey was conducted. Further to the questionnaire, an in-depth investigation was carried out within two England-based manufacturing companies. Moreover, company visits and interviews were conducted in Japan to collect the information in relation to the workforce training for comparative studies between the British and Japanese manufacturing companies. Based on the analysis from the survey responses and information collected form company visits, a training model was proposed. Authors: S. Arunachalam, M. Ichimura (University of East London), T. Page (Loughborough University)