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Damage-Free Micro Machining Using the Water-Jet-Guided Laser...

Author(s)/Editor(s): Bernold Richerzhagen, Delphine Perrottet, Joseph Battaglia

Pages in Print Edition: 9PP

Published: 10/23/2006
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The purpose of the waterjet-guided laser is to focus a laser beam passing through a pressurized water chamber at a small nozzle entrance. The low-pressure waterjet emitted from the nozzle guides the laser beam by means of total internal reflection at the water/air interface in a manner similar to conventional glass fibers. For applications requiring high precision, the waterjet-guided laser obtains excellent results in terms of speed and quality at low maintenance cost because it does not present any tool wear.The latest results in major applications will be presented. Authors: D. Perrottet (Synova SA), B. Richerzhagen (Synova SA), J. Battaglia (Synova-USA, Inc.)