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Aqueous Cleaning of Tubes: Basic Techniques and Applications

Author(s)/Editor(s): Leonard R Steinmeyer

Pages in Print Edition: 16PP

Published: 11/09/2005
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~ 2005 FFC Technical Paper Excellence Award Winner ~ In most industrial manufacturing, metal cleaning is an operation that can contribute to improvements in quality and thereby lead to competitive advantages. Some market segments specify cleanliness standards. The tube manufacturing and tube fabricating industry is no exception, and tube washing has become an important part of the production process. In the past few years, demands for change in production processes have taken place. Regulations are specifying more environmentally friendly products.This paper will focus on tube washing and the trends developing in tube washing, including an overview of a water-based (aqueous) method that meets today's as well as tomorrow's demands. Author: L. Steinmeyer (Kent/Tesgo Inc.)