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Long-Term Benefits of Interacting with Metallurgy Consultants

Author(s)/Editor(s): Wayne E Reitz PHD

Pages in Print Edition: 30PP

Published: 11/09/2005
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Metallurgists are engineers or scientists that study metals and are concerned with material selection, failure analysis, heat treating, mechanical testing, nondestructive testing, metallography and material characterization. Understanding and implementing these processes help the small and large manufacturing companies design and build a better product. This paper will discuss some specific aspects, such as manufacturing specifications and installation instructions, machining techniques, welding techniques, verifying product integrity, measuring performance and determining end of life to enhance product performance and quality. The goal of this paper is to enlighten small and large manufacturing companies as to the benefits of interacting with registered metallurgists. Some of these benefits include long-term cost savings and improved product performance. Author: Wayne Reitz (Reitz Consulting Ltd.)