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Rapid Prototyping in Custom Fabrication of Titanium Mesh Implants for Large Cranial Defects

Author(s)/Editor(s): Dr Jayanthi Parthasarathy, J K Parthiban

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Published: 11/11/2008
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Rapid prototyping has revolutionized the treatment of large cranial defects. Skull models have been used as a template for fabrication of custom implants for large cranial defects. The process has been used for three patients with large cranial defects of about 120 cm3. CT scan data were processed using 3D Doctor software (Able Software Corp.) to construct the .STL file. Rapid prototype models of the skull were made with FDM (Stratasys). The models were used as replicas for fabrication of the implant. The implants were fabricated by forming using titanium grade 2 mesh. The fitting of the implants was good. The surgical time was reduced by 60 percent. Eighteen months post-operative follow-up showed that the implants are well seated.