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Manufacturing Processes and Materials Fourth Edition (eBook)

Author(s)/Editor(s): Ahmad K Elshennawy PhD, George F Schrader
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Pages in Print Edition: 850PP

Published: 07/01/2000
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Anyone working in a technical department of a manufacturing company — regardless of education experience, and skill level — needs a basic understanding of manufacturing processes and equipment. Whether used as a text at the college or university level, as a reference for professionals in the field, or as an introductory guide for plant-floor personnel, Manufacturing Processes and Materials is designed to provide necessary foundation knowledge. The book covers the basic processes and machinery used in the job shop toolroom, or small manufacturing facility. At the same time, it describes advanced equipment used in larger production environments. You'll be provided with thorough review of metals and other engineering materials, including their physical properties testing, treatment, and suitability for use in manufacturing. Quality, measurement and gaging, process planning, and manufacturing systems are all addressed. Questions and problems at the end of each chapter can be usedandnbsp;for self-testing or assignments in the classroom environment.

Manufacturing Processes and Materials contains 31 chapters with 45 tables, 586 illustrations, 141 equations, and an extensive index, making it one of the most comprehensive texts available on the subject. Thisandnbsp;fourth edition is an extensive revision of the highly regarded text first compiled by Professor Lawrence E. Doyle and contributing authors. Professors George Schrader and Ahmad Elshennawy of the University of Central Florida have ably piloted the research and writing of this edition.