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Troubleshooting Tool and Die Making DVD

Produced By: SME

Video Length: 22 minutes

Published: 12/31/2009
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The goal of troubleshooting tool and die making is to optimize your tooling investment by balancing tooling costs against the expected return on investment. This programpart of the Fundamentals of Tool Design video series,andnbsp;looks at the causes of tool and die failure, and offers a step-by-step methodology to troubleshoot problems and proactively understand their cause to alleviate failure.

The Tool and Die Maintenance and Troubleshooting Introduction segment extensively explores the four-step process to follow when a tool or die unexpectedly or prematurely fails:

  • gather all the facts
  • confirmandnbsp;and compare the facts to best practices
  • search out the root cause or causes of the failure
  • plan and test a corrective action

The Proactive Tool and Die Design segment looks at tool and die development and construction and details the primary areas where stresses leading to failure can appear and be managed. These areas include:

  • tool design
  • material selection
  • machining
  • heat treating
  • finish machining