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Right-Sized Equipment DVD

Produced By: SME

Video Length: 26 minutes

Published: 03/01/2006
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Within lean manufacturingcompanies seeking to improve flow, quality, and turnaround time while minimizing their capital spending use right-sized equipment. Instead of large product batches that must be stored, right-sized equipment produces just the amount of product needed and errors in the process can be quickly exposed and eliminated.

Part of the award-winning Manufacturing Insights Video Series, this program gives you an exclusive look into Boeing's commercial airplane plant and Integrated Aero Structures business unit to explain how right-sized equipment fits with their lean journey.

Right-Sized Equipment shares real-world applications of lean principles, including:

  • How the production flow of parts used in de-icing airplane wings improved by making the assembly in a small cell.
  • How the cost of some parts decreased by as much as 75% just by reducing floor space and changing to right size equipment.
  • Analysis of the Japanese term chaku-chaku and what it means to utilize people rather than machines.