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Focusing Ideas on What Matters Most DVDDisc 6 of 8

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Video Length: 35 minutes

Published: 04/09/2004
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Once a good process to handle ideas is in placea manufacturer can focus employee ideas on those problems or opportunities most critical to its lean initiative. This Focusing Ideas on What Matters Most program shows how, instead of limiting the number of ideas workers offer, focusing employee thinking actually results in more and better ideas. When managers learn how to aim ideas at specific targets, they gain a powerful competitive weapon.

This program is part of anandnbsp;eight-program series, The Secret of Getting Lean Ideas from Employees, which includes and is based on the book Ideas Are Free. Itandnbsp;will show you how to unlock the tremendous potential in your lean initiative by tapping into the ideas of your front-line employees.

Authors and presenters, Dr. Alan Robinson and Dr. Dean Schroeder studied more than 150 organizations in 17 countries to discover what worked, what didn’t, and why when it comes to promoting ideas.