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Heat Treating DVD

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Video Length: 30 minutes

Published: 02/20/1999
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Part of the Fundamental Manufacturing Processes Video Seriesthis program highlights the versatility of heat treating in altering the metallurgical properties of metals and alloys. This versatility is broken down into three groups of processes: through hardening processes, surface hardening processes, and softening processes.

The through hardening processes segment utilizes animations, phase diagrams, and photomicrographs to explain the hardening process and define its many variables. Quenching speed, quenching mediums, and temperature control are examined as well as the tempering, martempering, and austempering of heat treated materials.

The surface hardening processes segment offers detailed examples of the processes that produce surface or case hardened parts. Included are explanations of flame hardening, induction hardening, carburizing, nitriding, and carbonitriding.

The softening processes segment examines the use of annealing, normalizing and stress relieving within the heat treating process.