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Cutting Tool Geometries DVD Image

Cutting Tool Geometries DVD

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Video Length: 27 minutes

Published: 02/20/1997
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Efficient metalcutting requires using the properly shaped tool for the task. These cutting tools are all described by their angles or geometries. To better understand these angles, this program, part of the Fundamental Manufacturing Processes Video Series, examines single-point turning tool and toolholder geometries, and milling and multi-point tool geometries.

The turning and single point tools segment explores the various aspects of tool/toolholder geometry, such as insert shape, angle of inclination, lead angle, tool nose radius, and the various cutting tool rake angles. Insert chipbreaker designs and chip formation are also covered.

The milling and multi-point cutting tools segment focuses on the various milling cutter/milling insert rake angles, as well as, lead angle, cutter pitch, hand of cutter, effective diameter, and more.