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Fixture Design DVD

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Video Length: 19 minutes

Published: 06/30/2009
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To correctly machine a partit must be held in a fixturing setup that guarantees a definite location, or position, with respect to a part's datum points or surfaces. This must be repeatable, part-after-part.

This program, part of the Fundamentals ofandnbsp;Tool Design Video Series,andnbsp;explores the various issues influencing the development of fixtures, as well as, the basic fixture types and classifications, modular fixturing, and fixture design cost-to-benefit ratio concerns.

The Fixture/Machine Classifications segment covers fixture types, and looks at milling fixtures, such as vises, clamps, and tombstones; lathe fixtures, including chucks, collets, and between centers turning; grinding fixtures, such as magnetic tables, and cylindrical grinding fixtures; and both internal and external broaching fixtures.

The Modular Fixtures segment details the use of component kits to quickly construct both t-slot and dowel hole/tapped hole modular fixturing systems.

The Fixture Cost-to-Benefit Ratio segment highlights this and many other major concerns in the fixture design development process.