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Cutting Tool Design DVD

Produced By: SME

Video Length: 28 minutes

Published: 06/30/2008
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Cutting tools have many shapeseach of which is described by its angles or geometry. This program, part of the Fundamentals of Tool Design Video Series,andnbsp;explores single-point and multi-point cutting tool geometries as well as the machining variables that affect the cutting tool design.

The Single-Point Cutting Tool Design segment details indexable insert geometries, such as: back-rake angle, side-rake angle, end-relief angle, lead angle, and more. Chipbreaker designs and toolholders for turning are also featured.

The Multi-Point Cutting Tool Design segment examines both linear travel and rotary travel multi-point tools, featuring an in-depth look at the components and geometries of the broach, the twist drill, and the face mill.