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Lean 9001: Battle for the Arctic Rose

Author(s)/Editor(s): John A Guderian Tim Renaud
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Pages in Print Edition: 328PP
Soft Cover

Published: 08/01/2008
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What do ISO 9001 Lean, and an Arctic Rose tree have in common? Readers will find out in this entertaining and compelling futuristic story that contrasts differing approaches to implementing Lean and ISO 9001.

You'll notice yourself identifying with the book's characters in this thought-provoking and comedic satire of universal proportions. Set in the year 7278, you'll read about how the legacy techniques of Lean and ISO 9001 are still being applied by cut-throat competitors in distant galaxies. Their divergent approaches will determine success or failure, life or death. Are you an ARC, a pirate, or a Krote? Will your company find success or failure? . . . or its demise?

If you're involved in implementing, maintaining, or improving quality management systems and integrating them with Lean, you'll readily see how these actions can complement and enable one another to produce a successful, synergistic system. Imagine the exciting possibilities when bureaucracy and non-value-added burden can be eliminated.

What Readers Say...

"This novel is excellent! It informs and amuses while illustrating many real-life manufacturing and service situations. People who might not pick up typical how-to books will enjoy reading this. The authors did an outstanding job showing how ISO 9001 creates a support platform for Lean." --Paul D. Parent, continuous improvement coordinator and ISO management representative, Sterling Sintered Technologies

"Reading this novel will provide a fantastic kick-start for auditors or anyone leading or participating in process improvement activities. Well-written, it uses a futuristic setting to illustrate how ISO 9001 and Lean principles complement one another. It's a good, fun read. I have not seen another book that has taken ISO 9001 and tied it so nicely to Lean. It creates synergy." --David B. Wilson, quality auditor and ISO coordinator, NCR Canada Ltd.

"Lean 9001: Battle for the Arctic Rose is an exciting story that kept me wanting to read on. It was helpful to actually follow an ISO 9001/Lean implementation and see a parallel example of an improper implementation. I recommend this book for anyone wanting to learn about the synergies of applying ISO 9001 and Lean." --Peter Schnurr, senior machine tool builder and integrator, ATS Automation Tooling Systems

"I am intrigued with the fact that the authors have brought ISO into the world of Lean. Its presentation allows readers to adapt the concepts learned to any business area. The novel's story line is unique as well as captivating. I plan to purchase copies for all my staff." --Murray Cadeau, production control manager, Shred-Tech Corporation

"I thoroughly enjoyed the story. It is an interesting and effective way to learn the basics of ISO 9001 and Lean methodology." --Dan McGonigal, director of quality, NovAtel, Inc.