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Toyota Production System: Beyond Large-Scale Production Image

Toyota Production System: Beyond Large-Scale Production

Author(s)/Editor(s): Taiichi Ohno
Published By:
Productivity Press

Pages in Print Edition: 176PP
Hard Cover

Published: 03/01/1988
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In this classic text Ohno, inventor of the Toyota Production System and lean manufacturing, shares information on the Toyota Production System you won't find anywhere else. Combining that information with rigorous analysis of the successes and failures of Toyota's attempts at lean production, Ohno's book provides striking insights into how the Toyota Production System can be adapted for other manufacturing organizations — and how it can work for you. Most importantly, you will learn how to improve production efficiency through the relentless elimination of waste and how the elimination of waste is the key to increasing your bottom line.

Written as a historical and philosophical description of the rationale and purpose of just-in-time and lean manufacturing, Toyota Production System is a must-read for all forward-thinking managers, because it provides the foundational knowledge essential to any lean manufacturing initiatives.