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 How do Machine Tool Vendors Sell More Hardware  

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Software Solutions: A 3-Part Guide for Machine Tool Suppliers

This is a 3-part eBook series developed to educate Machine Tool Suppliers on the various strategies that will help them achieve their ultimate goal of selling more hardware. Suppliers will learn how they can achieve their ultimate goal to sell more hardware and increase their overall profitability.

Part One - Software: The Machine Tool Vendor’s Dilemma outlines the challenges software represents to the machine tool vendor and how to translate those challenges into business implications. Part 2 – Strategies for Machine Tool Vendors to Differentiate with Software will help answer many questions including: Should a complete software competency be built within the company? Should it be handed over to a software development firm? Should a partnership be forged with a software provider already providing similar offerings? And finally, Part 3, Selecting the Right SDK aka Component: Its More Than Just Software will explain how suppliers can utilize software SDKs to jumpstart the development of software applications that drive hardware. It will also define factors that should be considered when choosing an SDK provider. This eBook comes from a significant number of thought leaders and influencers that have been in the industry for over 25 years representing virtually all corners of the manufacturing and fabrication industry.

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