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New Papers from RAPID 2014

 Ellen Kehoe







By Ellen Kehoe
Senior Editor

Technical papers presented at RAPID 2014 and eligible for the 2014 Dick Aubin Distinguished Paper Award are now available online in the SME Technical Papers collection. The 13 papers cover a range of additive manufacturing topics, including several dealing with biomedical applications and one presenting a review of the current state of development of selective laser melting of refractory alloys such as those of tungsten, molybdenum and tantalum.

The Synergies of Hybridizing CNC and Additive Manufacturing” was honored with the Aubin Award, which is given by the Rapid Technologies & Additive Manufacturing technical community of SME (RTAM/SME). Author Jason B. Jones, PhD, cofounder and CEO of Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies (Plano, TX, and Coventry, Warwickshire, UK), asserts that the CNC and AM combination can create unique hybrid parts that are not achievable using either technology independently and provide a platform for high-value part repair, refurbishment and modification.

Laser-based processing heads for (A) fine cladding, (B) high rate cladding, (C) laser hole drilling and (D) divergent focus for area preheating, annealing or heat treatment (J.B. Jones, TP14PUB77).

The Dick Aubin Distinguished Paper Award was established for the late Richard F. (Dick) Aubin, a founding member of the former Rapid Prototyping Association of SME, a pioneer in the international intelligent manufacturing systems (IMS) effort and internationally acclaimed for his knowledge and leadership in advanced manufacturing technologies. At the time of his death in 1997, he was manager of rapid manufacturing at the United Technologies Research Center (East Hartford, CT). The 2014 award was sponsored by Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY).

Prosthetics and OrthoticsFoot-ankle orthosis (R. Chen et al., TP14PUB72)

Additive manufacturing is ideal for rapid fabrication of custom foot and ankle-foot orthoses (devices to realign a person’s stance and gait, correct foot deformities or provide stability to compensate for muscle weakness or injury). University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) researchers use designs with sparse structure and topology optimization to demonstrate the benefit and potential of fused deposition modeling (FDM) in terms of manufacturing time and material cost.

The practicality of various 3D rapid prototyping techniques for prosthetics and orthotics is evaluated by Thomas Most, a prosthetic resident. He describes how materials for modern fabrication of these devices have evolved, yet the design steps remain fundamentally similar. The paper reviews waterjet, CNC/CAD, LOM (layered object manufacturing), STL (stereolithography), FDM, SLS (selective laser sintering) and 3D printing for suitability for the fields of prosthetics/orthotics, including durability for patient use and cost justification.

Orthopedic and Dental ApplicationsConceptual model of PEDM (plasticating extrusion deposition manufacturing) prosthetics printer (R. Faulkner and C. Pezeshki, TP14PUB74)

Cost-effective 3D printing techniques are used to produce bioceramics for bone fixing, bone/cartilage healing and hip replacement, as described by authors from Singapore and Australia. Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo) investigators from several engineering departments tested the mechanical properties of biocompatible and biodegradable thermoplastic materials for 3D printing by FDM of human bone structure substitute. The printed structure layout, matching the inside bone structure, will be optimized to increase the strength of bone in a desired direction.

Zirconia is one of the attractive ceramics for making patient-specific dental devices such as crowns and bridges, which are currently made by CNC milling. Photocurable zirconia resin with high concentration (>35vol%) and low viscosity with shear-thinning behavior is prepared for successful implementation on a bottom-up digital light projection stereolithography machine.

Bottom-up projection stereolithography (S. Maleksaeedi et al., TP14PUB78)

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Published Date : 10/21/2014

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