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Ellen Kehoe








By Ellen Kehoe
Senior Editor

SME Technical Papers on quality have been a mainstay of the collection for decades. Several hundred papers-from "Administration of Quality Control" (1951), "Role of Quality Control in the Sales Effort" (1965), "Quality Assurance of Advanced Composite Structures" (1979) and "In-Process Quality Control for Cold Forming" (1983), through "Quality Measures Through Service Gap Analysis" (1991), "TV Screen Quality Inspection by Artificial Vision" (2003) and "Quality Inspection Planning of Oilfield Equipment" (2010)-show the durability of the topic.

By whatever name it's called, including quality control, quality assurance and quality management, quality is a valued measure of design and process excellence and customer satisfaction for manufacturers across the spectrum and around the world. 

Customer satisfaction is the hub of the wheel of industry.

Culture Shift in Business and Education

Quality as the keystone in successful business is evident in the steady flow of papers documenting the culture shift toward management and employee collaboration to improve quality. Such terms and concepts as quality teams, quality circles, quality systems and quality competitiveness entered the corporate vocabulary from the 1960s-on.

In TP83PUB256, the author explains, "Today in America, quality circles promise to become an equally crucial part of our country's thrust toward reindustrialization and increased productivity…. Quality circles involve employees in identifying and analyzing work-related problems and providing and implementing solutions to them."

The focus on quality extends to relationships with suppliers, too. “The future for suppliers holds a different culture in which to work. The competition will become more intense as successes of those who embrace TQM principles show others the critical need to remain competitive,” predicts the author of TP90PUB224.

Several papers presented at a 1996 international manufacturing education conference emphasize the need to implement industrial quality practices into teaching. As the workplace continues to evolve, making new demands on educators, TP96PUB110 urges actively seeking methods to produce the students that industry expects. TP96PUB66 describes the development and success of a degree course in quality in Ireland, and TP96PUB85 presents laboratory exercises to support manufacturing quality engineering.


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Published Date : 10/10/2014

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