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IMTS 2014: The Beginning of the End and Then a New Start


By James D. Sawyer
Executive Editor

"The shop floor is my favorite office," said Kennametal chairman, president and CEO Carlos Cardoso as he prepares to transition to retirement following the close of IMTS 2014. While he may be giving up his executive suite when he departs Kennametal at the end of December, it is unlikely he will be able to tear himself away from his favorite and first "office."

A self described shop rat, Cardoso started on the shop floor at the age of 17. By the time he was 22 he owned his own machine shop. His energy and enthusiasm for manufacturing--and Kennametal--was obvious as he spoke at the comany's booth in Chicago's McCormick Place.

"I expect I will find a way to stay involved with manufacturing after December, but for the next few months I am going to fully concentrate on making sure we have a good changeover of leadership," he said. "We have a very solid team in place," so he expects no surprises and few hiccups.
Carlos Cardoso, Kennametal Chairman, President and CEO
Still, Cardoso is the type of person who looks ahead and tries to be prepared.

That was certainly the case in 2006 when he became president and CEO. "I told the board that I would take the job expecting to hold it for seven to 10 years," he said. His reasoning was twofold.

"Organizations benefit from a fresh perspective on a periodic basis," Cardoso explained. "Not necessarily a better perspective or a worse perspective, but a different perspective to keep from becoming stale."

The same is true of people, he believes.

"I didn't want to stay so long," said Cardoso, "that I became too comfortable and complacent. That would not have been good for Kennametal and it would not have been good for me."

Being as much of a planner as he is it seems unlikely that Cardoso has no idea of what he will be doing in 2015 and beyond, but the smart money is banking on the favorite.

Published Date : 9/12/2014

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