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New Aircraft Manufacturing Plant in India


The Tata Group sets its sights on building a factor for an entire aircraft, the Dornier 228, under license from Swiss company Ruag Aviation. Tata’s plan is long term, and includes future Indian defense work.

In local reporting, The Asian Age (6/24) reported that the Tata group made the announcement on June 23. This project will build on current work Tata does for Ruag in building fuselage and wings for the Dornier 228. This project is also the fourth aerostructures unit to be set up by Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL) in Hyderabad, India. A joint venture with Sikorsky has already delivered 70 Sikorsky S-92 cabins. A joint venture with Lockheed Martin makes the empennage and center wing box for the C-130 J Aircraft.

This is part of a plan by the Tata Group. According to The Economic Times of India (6/24) “In November 2010, the Tata group said it plans to make Hyderabad a hub of its aerospace and defence investments.”
RUG Aviation Dornier
They are not shy that plan is looking to a future with India’s own defense forces. In reporting from Business Insider India (6/23) S Ramadorai, Tata Advanced Systems Limited chairman, is quoted as saying "Our vision is to work with Ruag in having a full aircraft, equipped with systems flying out from a Tata final assembly. This will be of significant importance to the Indian Armed forces in their desire to produce products locally.”

Other reporting includes the Financial Express (6/26).

Published Date : 7/7/2014

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