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IMTS 2014: Visual Tool Setter


Marposs Corp.

Auburn Hills, Michigan, May 20, 2014 – Marposs Corp. will introduce its new Mida Visual Tool Setter (VTS) for measuring and verifying small diameter cutting tools with micron accuracy at IMTS-2014 in booth #E-5519. The new VTS tool geometry measurement system has been developed to satisfy the increasing request of micron and sub-micron precision on small mechanical parts and to meet the challenges of managing micro tools that can be incorrectly mounted in the tool holder or spindle due to very small chips.

Using a sophisticated visual system incorporating a CCD camera to capture images, the VTS unit can calculate parameters such as tool tip position, tool diameter, tool run-out and cutter radius with the tool at full rotational speed in the spindle. When the tool rotation is stopped or is run at slow speed, the VTS unit can be used as a standard microscope to analyze tool profile integrity and its surface, directly on the machine.

Through the advanced image processing technology, the VTS system allows 0.1 micron resolution and is able to measure tools from 10 micron up to 40 mm diameter with a repeatability of 0.2 micron.

Visual Tool Setter

The VTS unit is equipped with a double protection system that enables the device to function within the machine tool working area. The system is able to filter most of dirt the that normally remains attached to the tool surface, thereby reducing measurement errors.

The VTS system can communicate with the machine tool CNC a(?)PC via Ethernet connection. Macros developed for use with the VTS unit keep the tool within the measurement area, acquire tool images, calculate geometry and automatically write data into the CNC tool table.

More information on the new Mida VTS tool geometry measurement system can be found on-line at, by calling toll-free 1-888-627-7677 or by E-mail to  

Published Date : 6/4/2014

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