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Vise Accessories from Kurt Manufacturing Company


Kurt Manufacturing Company

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Kurt’s broad line of vise accessories add versatility to workholding setups and improve productivity.

3-in-One Jaw Plates For 6 & 8 Inch Vises
Kurt’s 3-In-One Jaw System is a fast and easy way to set vise jaws at any of these seven popular angles: 5°, 10°, 15°, 20°, 25°, 30° and 45°. Kurt’s 3-In-One Jaw System adds versatility to any existing standard Kurt 6-inch and 8 inch vise. They are ideal for small lot sizes and prototype work. The jaw system is a better and more cost-effective option than building a special fixture.

The Kurt 3-In-One Jaw System adds a simple, bolt on jaw with a series of preset patterns with aligning pins. The jaws hold parts precisely like conventional jaw plates but with the extra benefit of allowing aggressive machining while clamping at seven different angles.

The Kurt 3-In-One Jaw System also doubles as a workstop with the additional benefit of acting as a parallel. Overall jaw dimensions are 6” x 1.735” x 0.725” ±0.000787” (0.01mm). Multiple pins in the system include 4 ea. 6mm x 22mm; 3 ea. 6mm x 40mm; 3 ea. 6mm x 58mm, and 3 ea. 6mm x 76mm. Pin sets have a dimensional tolerance of ±0.0007 (0.018mm).
Kurt Accessories

Vise Handle Hangers
Kurt’s Vise Handle Hanger creates a convenient holding location for quick access to vise handles and prevents misplaced and lost handles. Made from high strength thermoplastic. They easily mount to workbenches, tool carts, cabinets, or any surfaces near machine tables. Available in models KH6 (for 6” handles) and KH8 (for 8” handles).

Sine Parallels
Kurt’s Sine Parallels are a fast and easy way to setup workpieces for machining at three common angles: 30°, 45° and 60°. Rectangle parts can be clamped precisely and quickly, and will also clamp round workpieces.

The precision ground Kurt Sine Parallels increase the versatility of any standard 6-inch Kurt vise. They install and position quickly and easily with a single bolt for each plate. No need to remove jaw plates -- Sine Parallels remain on the vise and can be quickly changed to any of the other angles or also be used as a parallel.

Kurt’s Sine Parallels are ideal for any lot size from prototype to production. The Sine Parallels are a better and more cost-effective option than building a special fixture. They add versatility to any existing standard Kurt 6-inch vise at a modest cost.

Groove Lock®
 Kurt’s Groove Lock is a simple & functional workstop that attaches to the Groove Lock  Style 4” and 6” inch jaw plates. Utilizing a single bolt design to tighten the workstop, it is perfect for quick and easy setup. Multiple parts can be easily located on the same jaw plate.

See it all in Kurt’s NEW 76 page catalog. Call 1-877-226-7823 for a FREE catalog.

Note: Kurt is an employee owned company that specializes in gaging systems, custom engineered workholding, with a full line of vises, workholding products, quick change set up solutions, and hydraulic clamping systems. Kurt has expanded its web store and offers its full line of products online with free shipping in the contiguous United States.

Kurt Manufacturing Company, Industrial Products Division, 9445 East River Road NW, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55433. In USA, Fax 1-877-226-7828. Outside USA, Fax 1-763-574-8313. 

Published Date : 4/25/2014

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